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We are always seeking occupational medicine groups that want to help us fundamentally change the injured workers’ experience and forge better alignment between doctors and payors.

Our goal is to identify physician practices with a strong track record of positive outcomes, a commitment to high quality patient care, and successful participation in leading employer programs. Our typical physician partners are approached all the time by larger groups looking to acquire them but have remained independent to keep their commitments to their patients and customers. Akeso Medical  offers a new option, one in which independent high quality doctors can sell their practice and join a group of like-minded physicians and executives aligned around the powerful impact of quality care, without sacrificing reputation and partnerships that can result from joining other organizations that are focused primarily on their bottom line.


Akeso views acquired practices as our new partners, not just an asset. Out of the box, we have a significant impact on acquired clinics by bringing them  access to more favorable vendor arrangements, volume pricing, and upgraded IT solutions. We see our role as facilitating the physician’s ability to focus on the patient while we provide the best-in-class services and technologies to manage  claims, ensuring that  patients get what they need with minimal disruption.


If you are thinking about selling your practice, you will be happy to learn about our transparent valuation process: we do not form complex earnout schemes and we keep everyone aligned in the overall goal to develop a different kind of occupational medicine group that fundamentally changes the injured workers’ experience and forges better alignment between doctors and payers.

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