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Akeso CEO addresses WCI audience on How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping claims management

Orlando, Florida – A group of notable Work Comp executives, including Akeso Medical Holdings CEO, Greg Moore,  addressed how artificial intelligence (AI) is driving more informed allocation of resources and how AI leverages “big data” systems to develop estimated outcomes for claims, large and small. The highly anticipated and well attended session titled “Workers’ Compensation Technology Revolution: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Claims Management” was held at the 74th annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference in Orlando, FL from August 11th to the 14th.

Panelists discussed how AI can support “smart” growth of talent while reducing traditional costs and expenses, noting that there will be an analysis of potential obstacles between stakeholders in the workers’ compensation system.

Moore, a recognized thought leader on AI within Workers’ Comp said “Until recently, many supposed reforms simply translate into cutting benefits. With new emphasis on the original goals of the workers’ compensation social experiment, the goals of this presentation are to prepare system participants for what’s next:; how AI is bringing unprecedented efficiencies while providing the highest levels of care and recovery benefits, which ultimately reduce costs for employers.”

About Akeso

Akeso Medical Holdings, LLC is developing an occupational medicine clinic group improving injured worker outcomes through a focus on the patient and a commitment to better partnership with the payer. We believe the key to fixing the workers compensation system is a dedicated group of physicians committed to the right care, without financial incentives for over treating injured workers, and a clinical organization that works more closely with the insurance carrier and employer to make sure that the right care is delivered in a more timely manner with lower friction costs to all parties.

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Daniel Pencak, CPA

Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations, Akeso Medical Holdings